Russian embargo not working


This article about ENI drilling in the Russian sector of the Black Sea in defiance of the US embargo appeared in Bloomberg yesterday:

It does contain some inaccurate statement however:

This is not true. There are lots rigs using technology “which is not American”. I fact nearly all new offshore rigs are not.

The Scarabeo 9 is of the Frigstad D90 type, designed by Frigstad Engineering in Singapore, originally ordered from CMIC Raffles by Frigstad Offshore, also in Singapore.

It is a development from the original Semi-submersible Tender concept T60, designed by a very small team of Engineers, Naval Architects and Mariners in the early 1990’s.

The drilling equipment is indeed a bit unconventional, equipped with a dual RamRig in place of the conventional derrick and drawworks, but it is not unique.

Here is detailed specs:

PS> I notice this article also appears in the gCaptain newsletter today.


My understanding is that Trump signed off on new sanctions, but did not implement same.


I hope this US Marine General is wrong in his assumptions:

The Norwegian reaction to his speech:

There is also a video of US Marines training in Northern Norway in the winter exercise Cold Response this year


well, that didn’t take long


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