Roustabout in South Louisiana?

I am currently trying to get my foot in the door as a roustabout, deckhand, or something. I am having trouble finding places to apply online or should I go in person? I live in south Louisiana and I would like to work on a drillship or platform. I have no experience whatsoever in this field. I am really just seeking advice, recommendations on companies, or any information.


For roustabout jobs/rig jobs/drillship jobs-Have you looked on

For deckhand jobs- you say you run fishing charters? Check LA craigslist (also Seattle and Alaska) There are lots of fishing deckhand spots and fishing charter spots advertised this time of year…

Tough time to try to get a foot in the door-thousands of guys and gals are out of work and aiming for the same door…

Thanks, I’ll check them out.