Os looking for a deckhand gig in coonassville/weld/wrench/cook i do it all

hey every body, looking to get to work down in the gulf. i have worked on crew boats in the past and did a good job learned quick and now i want to get back at it. i am starting the seattle maritime academy in the fall and need to make some money in the middle. i am a thirty year old proffesional contractor (mason/carpenter) i can weld a little, i can wrench alot, i had my own 60 kw onan generator i kept running all by my lonsome. i can cook a mean ettoufee even though i can’t spell it. i’d like to work straight through tillthe end of august if i can. this is goona pay for my schooling. i am going to the engine department at the academy. thanks for reading this if youve got anything let me know. it doesnt have to be a job …i take ideas too

[B]Try Tampa Ship for temporary work,… They are working busy working 7 days now… and they have transportation to/from work. [/B]