ROS contract

Can somebody give an estimate on ros contracts and salary for licensed officers?

The last one I saw was in the 600s for a 3/M. 120 day rotation.

Any idea for cm or 1/ae. And is that per day?? Seems decent.

Depends on what contract/company you need information for.

ROS are 360 day contracts, not 120. The pay is low, thats why there are so many openings.

360 day contract.

Pay isn’t low, it’s 360 (unless otherwise specified) days working M-F 7-4, OT when available, weekends off with the exception of the one duty weekend every 4-6 depending on available crew, leave (pretty much) when you ask, extra pay on holidays, full medical benefits, breakfast-dinner provided, and a pay raise when not in ROS (for turbo activations etc.)

Yeah, a pathetic union job.

There are currently 7 unfilled ROS positions.

MARAD recently added 3/M and 3/AE on a 120-180 day rotational billet. Pay is $289 per day. 7 days per week. OT, while rare is $50.90. One officer on duty every night gets an extra $150 on a weeknight, $250 for weekends. t every day by 1600. Weekends off with base pay. Not a bad gig for an older guy like me.

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