RFPNW Requierements,

I am AB UNL and I finished 8hrs of RFPW in TRL San Diego. Now I need to do assessments.
I stood watch 101 watches each 6 hrs: 06;00-12:00 and 18:00-24:00.

Total I stood 101 watches each 6 hrs on the tug boat 98 GT. From June 1st, 2008 till August 7th, 2008.

Does that count?

Can I do the watches later?

Chevron want the full RFPNW before they hire me.

Can you explain the time line? of sea time and class 8hrs.

What I need to do?


The link below will help you with your questions…

As far as the watches counting I’m not sure…The NVIC states that 50% of the time needs to be on vessels over 200GRT…The other 50% must be done on vessels that are specified in the qualifications for Able Seaman, which to me is very misleading as the requirements for AB Limited has a tonnage minimum and AB unlimited does not…( Before you say I’m full of it, check marine safety manual ) and all helm assessments must be done on vessels over 100 tons…

The watches are figured to be 2 ,four hour watches a day total of 8 hours…

Mozart, I took my RFPNW at TRL also and they are up on the regs much more than I…In the book that they give you it includes a section to document your watches…


Is this a new thing I just looked at my stcw and it says RFPNW(AB UnLimited) but I never went to any class except ab school then when I got my mates but old STCW said the same thing do I have to go take a class if I sail deep sea again

My understanding is that people that had started sailing before 1998 were grandfathered in…There was a dead line that was extended a few times up to 2002 or 2003 I believe…Would this explain your situation?