Returning to sea after shoreside employment

 I sailed as a 3rd engineer for almost 5 years, was about to get the bump up to 2nd on my ship and then left for shoreside employment. 
 I was employed at a steam plant which heated the surrounding facilities, so no power generation. It was incrediblely boring/unrewarding. Additionally I missed my time off. So I have decided to go back to sea. 
Has anyone had a similar experience?

Did you keep your USCG license active?

Yea everything is in order. I am leaving next week. Was looking for more emotional/sociological experience though.

Left shipping to run a flying business, moved on to airline flying then took a leave to jump on a ship during the first Gulf War and never looked back.

There was some adjustment necessary but it was all good and I needed the exercise anyway plus bumped up the ticket to chief.