Requested Mate 500T but my wording on the app

I requested to test for mate 500T NC. I did not say anything about stcw as i don’t have all the classes yet but want to get the test out of the way. I have all unlimited time and will get my 1080 on June 12th

I summitted the app about 4 weeks ago. I am trying to find a list of classes i need to take. I think i need flashing lights and SAR. I can only find info on the STCW side.

Does not list any class requirements but this is all i could find. They say its 90 days to run it up the chain so i might be able to do those before shit even gets to them


I think i found it in the checklist on the second page. Its late and i just got of watch.

But i will ask this . HOS does not say anything on my sea letter about watch keeping duties so i wonder how that is going to go

You need a hell of a lot more than that. See NVIC 12-14.

I have that pdf already. I am not going for stcw

Just normal mate 500t. Which I know is completely worthless in the industry right now but I just want to take the exam and do the classes later that’s what I can’t find in the CFR. what the requirements would be for just normal non-STCW mate 500.

I have

Able Seafarer-Deck
Proficiency in survival craft other then fast rescue
Proficiency Fast rescue boats
Basic Oil And Chemical Tanker Cargo Operations
Medical First aid
Medical PIC
Advance Fire Fighting
Basic Training
GMDSS Operator
Vessel Security Officer
Security Awareness
Tankerman Assistant
Radar Unlimited

Only need basic firefighting and advanced firefighting for national endorsement. Nothing else.

Thanks I had that download it as well but I was unsure I thought there was way more that I needed