Report: Deflagration on Old Sail Training Ship “Danmark”

An alcohol deflagration in the classroom of the, 1933 built, full-rigged three-master ‘Danmark’ injured two cadets, one seriously

Two cadets disinfected the classroom (Corona related). One cadet found a cigarette lighter and had the glorious idea to check whether it was still working… WOOM !

Report from the German Bureau of Maritime Casualty Investigation:;jsessionid=23B5FA8E60825950FD9FF853D985BAC0.live21301?__blob=publicationFile&v=1

There have been a number of cleaning products aimed at preventing the spread of the virus but, with a rising rate of Nora virus occurring in preschool establishments, health authorities here have recommended the use of chlorine based products. The chlorine based products are effective against both viruses.

We have drilled on alcohol based fires and I have been cautioning crew on safety with the alcohol cleaners for this very reason. We’re going to be safe from COVID, but then all die in a explosive chemical fire cause with cleaning agents. Fun.

Sounds like some of the stuff we did when I was a chem major in college.

Igniting H2 bubbled into soap with a hood on gives an impressive “Whooosh!”
We weren’t even drinking when we came up with this stuff.

Lighters are banned on some tankers, people who smoke have to use matches as they are said to be much safer.