Renewal questions/ useful credentials for 100GT Master

I am coming up on my 4yr anniversary for my Master ticket this month. My first issue was 50GT Near Coastal. I recently realized I could have asked for a raise in grade at 6 months to 100GT.

Because of this I have decided to go ahead and complete the renewal process now since it could open additional opportunities and there is no good reason to wait at the pace the CG moves. In the past I have never needed greater than 50GT however I live in New Orleans now and 100GT is much more relevant here. I have already started looking at the other endorsements companies here look for and wanted to get some opinions.

I have already begun looking at adding Radar Unlimited and STCW BST. What else should I be considering while I am in the process? Also would a Mate endorsement be useful/possible?

Thanks you for your advice.

Hey JT,
It really depends on what your long term career goals are, but I think you will see that most of us on here would definitely back your decision to take Radar and BST. My next suggestion would be ARPA. Those three classes are full of relevant, important, and immediately useful information.
If you are thinking of getting a larger ticket or AB, you might want to consider Proficiency in Survival Craft, but I’d put it on the back burner until needed.
A higher Mate ticket might be useful, but again, it depends on your goals. I’ve got buddies that have had outstanding careers with a 100 ton NC Master, but others that found more opportunity with a 200 ton Mate and towing endorsement.
If you go higher than 200 tons, though, you’ll need to run the OICNW gauntlet (lots and lots of info on that here in the forums).
Hope that helps and good luck.

CaptJT - You have some great classroom opportunities with the Louisiana Technical Colleges: Young Memorial in Morgan City, L E Fletcher in Houma, and Delgato in NO. I had radar and BST, and a few more, at Young Memorial, and was very pleased with the instructors and equipment. Young Memorial has the best/lowest tuition.

Right now there is grant money available for classes. One of the grants that Young Memorial has will end at the end of September, but there is another grant under the Louisiana Recovery Act (LRA) that may help that should last until the end of the year. Ask the schools about it. The primary grant writer for the LRA is with the grant office at L E Fletcher.

Good luck!

“Be All You Can Be”

Make sure you get your renewal. NMC will only process one application at a time.

So basically I need to go ahead and mail my renewal ASAP and then I have to do another application for each additional including Radar and STCW? I know things are quite a bit different now that the local RECs aren’t handling things. I know back when I did my original dealing with Charleston was great.

Your certificates do not need to be submitted to the USCG for a year. I have a number of class certificates since June, and am planning on submitting all of them as soon as I am eligible to apply for my next license upgrade.