Upgrading to master 1600 ton nc

After passing my Mate 500 Ton NC (OSV) last May 2010 now, im ready to start working on my upgrade to Master 1600 Ton NC…still waiting for my last 60 days seatime to complete the required 480 days (12 hr.) working as a 2nd mate on OSV…someone told me that I only need to renew my First aid/CPR training and 480 seadays and Im all good to apply for Master 1600 Ton NC. Is that true? or I still need an assessment or some other trainings? Obviously, I got the AB RFPNW, BST, ADV. FF., BRM, GMDSS, MED. PROVIDER, FL, RADAR and MATE ASSESSMENT 500 TON to get my Mate 500t OSV. Also if im not mistaken, I can go for Master 1600T NC w/0 restricted to OSV right? also anybody knew a cheap decent hotel/motel in houma, going to spend my two weeks there to take a prep in fletcher…and one more thing…what are the added subjects for master that is not in mate 500 exams? as far as terrestial and plotting? Many many thanks to all of you guys who are out there providing us guidance and also for this websites…May God Always Blessed Us and Our Family !!!:smiley:

I think you have everything you need. The following link is the checklist from the CG. http://www.uscg.mil/nmc/checklists/master_oc_nc_500_1600.pdf?list1=checklists%2Fmaster_oc_nc_500_1600.pdf&B1=GO%21

As far as radar goes, you will need to have ARPA, otherwise you will be restricted to vessels operating without it. You also need PSC/Lifeboatman if you haven’t qualified for AB already. I believe the plotting and terrestrial exams are basically the same, just study both real hard. I know that both the plotting and terrestrial you have to make a 90 on both. T-nav is 10 questions and plotting is 15 I think. Unless you are still comfortable with those two exams, give yourself more than 2 weeks of studying before testing. Between all of the other subjects, there is a lot of information to retain.

Thanks there swampfox!!! forgot to mention that I’ve been AB unlimited before and aleady got the PSC/lifeboatman…The first time I went to fletcher
I spent 2 weeks to study T-Nav and plotting and the rest is all pc software…I still got my software and all my T-Nav and plotting study materials that came from Capt. Bruce. Besides almost everything that I study before last 2010 is still fresh. Also, I still have 2-3 months on the boat to study those and go to prep for 2 weeks…and hoping that Capt. Bruce is still there…anyone knew a cheap decent hotel or motel in houma? thanks a lot for the reply…appreciate it!!!

Yeah that’s all you need.