Removal of Radar Endorsment Expiration Dates

46 CFR Parts 10 and 15<br>[Docket No. USCG–2006–26202]<br>RIN 1625–AB10<br>Training and Service Requirements for<br>Merchant Marine Officers<br>AGENCY: Coast Guard, DHS.<br>ACTION: Final rule.<br>SUMMARY: The Coast Guard amends<br>certain regulations relating to mariner<br>training and service. These regulatory<br>changes remove the expiration date of<br>the radar-observer endorsement from<br>the merchant mariner’s license, allow<br>for an apprentice mate of towing vessels<br>to reduce sea-service time for mate<br>(pilot) of towing vessels by completing<br>additional approved training, and<br>provide an alternate path to mate (pilot)<br>of towing vessels for master of steam or<br>motor vessels of any tonnage that is 200<br>GRT or less. These changes are intended<br>and expected to eliminate confusion<br>and provide alternate training and<br>service requirements for mate (pilot) of<br>towing vessels. LINK

What about the STCW certificates?<br>Thoughts?<br><br>JED sends from Promet, Providence

It applies to STCW certificates as well. <strong style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);]BUT</strong> it probably would be imprudent to assume that the port state control types in another country are going to know this, if you don’t apply for a new STCW certificate without the expiration date, the foreign authorities are going to see that your current certificate states your authority to work on a vessel with radar has expired. If you’ve got an STCW certificate, you’d be wise to apply to get the radar date removed. I’m not sure if this would be simply issuing a new cert. with the same expiration date (a easy quick process) or a “renewal” with a new expiration date (more involved). I’ll try to find out and will follow up.<br><br>James D. Cavo<br>Chief, Mariner Training & Assessment Division<br>USCG National Maritime Center<br>

Mr Cavo,<br>This is off topic - not uncommon here! - but I suspect that you are following this thread. I will be submitting my initial package for a 1600 Ton Mate’s license in early Dec. Can you tell me what the current lag time is between submission and authorization for testing? Others at PMI have waited upwards of 10 weeks. Any info appreciated.<br>Thanks,<br>MTSkier

Your mileage may vary. There is an average process time spreadsheet on NMC’s website. That’s the best guess by anybody.

Hello all
The second part of the first post states:
allow for an apprentice mate of towing vessels to reduce sea-service time for mate (pilot) of towing vessels by completing additional approved training, and provide an alternate path to mate (pilot) of towing vessels for master of steam or motor vessels of any tonnage that is 200 GRT or less.
Can someone please point me in the right direction in order to find elucidation on this post? How much time can be reduced? Which approved training? Whats the alternate path for those with licenses below 200GRT?

The alternative way is that if you hold a 100/200 Master license, you will no longer have to go to Apprentice Mate first. You can upgrade any Master license under 200 GRT to Towing Vessel [B]MATE[/B] if you:
-have 36 months of service on the Master license
-have 30 days of training and observation on the desired route (90 days on Western Rivers)
-Complete a TOAR appropriate to the route
-pass the Apprentice Mate exam.
-Radar observor certificate

The tonnage limitation is not going to be limited to the tonnage limitation of your license. It will be a Unlimited Towing license.The towing vessel Mate license obtained this way will be able to upgrade to Master when they obtain 18 months as Mate.

" It will be a Unlimited Towing license"
What exactly is an unlimiited towing license? Are you referring to route or tonnage?

The towing licenses are limited to towing vessels of 200 GRT or less by regulation. If a towing vessel is greater than 200 GRT then you need a 500 or 1,600 GRT license. The routes (O, NC, GL-I, I, WR) are a separate matter.

Im still alittle sketchy on the details about the radar observer exp date removal. The most recent CFR 46-10.480 I read, seems to me they are still printing on the licenses? Granted that CFR gives all sorts of loop holes as to extending exp etc, but I dont read where you can not expect to have it printed on the license or any details about that.

(reason Im asking, I have in for an upgrade from 2/M to C/M currently at the NMC, my radar expires Sept 09, hoping I can just take the re-cert and not have to put this in to the NMC (and posibly slow down my upgrade)…anymore than it already is!!)

You no longer have to submit radar renewal certificates to the Coast Guard, you only have to carry a current certificate with you. Even then, if you don’t have the certificate, they’ll give you 48 hours to produce one should they ding you for not having it.

I was speaking of tonnage.