Removal of Brent Bravo platform

The Pioneering Spirit lifted the 25000 m.t. topside of Brent Bravo Platform in 9 sec.
See it with you own eyes:


The Pioneering Spirit never fails to impress me, and I watched her get put together in Korea.

As for the Bravo, not knowing much on the subject 98% recycle rate seems very good. Anyone know how this compares to a typical shipbreaker breaking a ship?

According to a lengthy report about shipbreaking issued by EU:

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I have often wondered what happened to the equipment in the engine room workshop. One ship I sailed in had a lathe with a shaper, drill press, horizontal and vertical mill on one end. There was drawers with unused mill cutters and tool steel. It’s probably set up in some place turning out AK-47’s.

This year the Brent Alpha has come to the end of it’s life:
A good a profitable life it has been. RIP.

PS> What is the benchmark “Brent Crude” be replaced with?

The Pioneering Spirit isn’t big and powerful enough to handle removal of the largest structures in the North Sea that is becoming obsolete in the next few years.(Or rather; not wide enough)
But Allseas has decided NOT to go ahead with building an even larger vessel for now:

Pioneering Spirit has completed the removal of platforms (topsides and jackets) from the Tyrsa Field in the Danish sector:,Allseas%20completes%20topsides%20removal%20scope%20for%20Total’s%20Tyra%20redevelopment,Project%20for%20Total%20E%26P%20Denmark.

PS> Since the plans to build an even bigger vessel of this type has been cancelled the P.S. will be modified to lift up to 60000 m.t. to enable removal of the Statfjord A topsides in a few years time: