Relief captain tries to toss loop over a cleat [VIDEO]

it’s a bit harder than it looks apparently…
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That is funny. Wonder if someone was on the loud hailer blue in the face cursing him for taking so long

[QUOTE=Bamatug;139066]That is funny. Wonder if someone was on the loud hailer blue in the face cursing him for taking so long[/QUOTE]

For a big kid he sure doesn’t have much horsepower.

Why is he standing so far away? Why is he working on the wrong side of the line?

Questions, questions…LoL

Both the deckhands here are over 50 and would send this idiot to school on the short bus. A few trips doing NYC stone work might get him back in shape, or squished.

What’s a loop? Is that similar to a buckle?

My deckhand was born in the 50’s and can run circles around anyone. Age has nothing to do with it. That guy is gassed after one try, someone needs an exercise program! Won’t even discuss the technique!

Funny the old man and myself always spend a little time on deck here and there when we get a new guy showing them the nuances of throwing a line, good we are maintaining recency unlike that goon.

Back when I was a Kid, I started out Hamming on Barges up in the N.Y. State Barge Canals. A couple of old timers taught me how to throw Lines on the Locks where you need to do it the first time or else. They were surprised that with me being Left Handed that I did as well as I did.

Even after sailing for many years I would still try to help out whenever we got a green deckhand, I would go out and try to teach them how to throw lines. Some caught on quickly but some never got it.

This reminds me how times have changed. Why back when, if we got a Crew Member with less than 5 years experience, we considered him GREEN. Now if you are lucky to get someone that has been sailing for over 2 years they are considered experienced!

Hopefully he will think again the next time he starts screaming on the hailer when a deckhand misses the line on his first toss. I still try to go and help out on deck when I can, im not as good as I once was at throwing lines but I havent forgotten everything.

I can hit a bit 10’ away in 5’ seas. When the CPT yells at me to hurry the hell up. I remember this He dont sign my paychecks, and sure as hell wont be paying my jones act claim. So nice and easy it is. I rarely do miss, when i do it hurts my EGO, but i make it home safe

I stay in decent shape and our crew goes and screws around on the stern for fun every now and then. I still consider myself the best deckhand on the boat though and I haven’t decked in 10 years.

I know this, It isn’t as easy as it looks. It’s just like watching the Master drive a boat. They make it look easy and a lot of the times it is, but they still make it look easy when it isn’t.

I started out on small utility boat and had to throw lines. I was lucky and didn’t have jackass Captains that screamed at me over the hailer. They may have said some crap under their breath but never over the hailer. Myself and the other AB/Engineer used to go up on deck and play HORSE with the lines on the boats bits for practice. Usually 20’ was max throw with our lines. This guy was throwing UP 10-15 feet without the benefit of a wave.

Man do I miss the small 4 man crews, but not the pay. LOL!!!

I think that video is spread a little wide making the old man look a little fatter than he is. A rule we used to do use miss 3 times and the captain would ask a question. 3 Throws and misses will wear your arse OUT!!! That’s not a 2" polypro crew boat line he is throwing.

Humbling video though. I go down to help the deck sometimes and I SWEAR I feel in the way, and it has only been two years since I have been off deck. I don’t go down to teach them by no means, I’m talking about bringing in a gangway or something. These guys have a set routine that works and I just don’t know it. I appreciate my deck for damn sure. I’m lucky to have the ones I do.

Well he is rocking a set of marble bag pants

oh come on everybody…can’t you see the man is STOOPID?

[QUOTE=c.captain;139186]oh come on everybody…can’t you see the man is STOOPID?[/QUOTE]

A STOOPID captain? Say it ain’t so.

[QUOTE=Jetryder223;139199]A STOOPID captain? Say it ain’t so.[/QUOTE]

son…don’t get me started down that slippery slope!

All I could feel was pity for the poor guy there at the end when he threw the eye off. Back to square one.

[QUOTE=txwooley;139204]All I could feel was pity for the poor guy there at the end when he threw the eye off. Back to square one.[/QUOTE]

Me too. This video actually makes me kind of sad. The guy was trying, having problems, no one offered to help but there were plenty on hand to video it, laugh and point fingers.

Is it his job to secure lines? He had a weak throw - maybe he had a recent arm injury.

I expect to get flamed by a few who will say if you can’t step in as assume every duty on board, you have no business on a small boat. Whatever. I’m just a bit disappointed by everyone who is piling on this poor guy who despite his best effort, is struggling.

My guess is that the deckhands challenged him to see if he could still do it after he gave them shit about their line handling. Thats why they wernt helping him.

Yeah - I guess context is missing.

If you turn the volume up and listen closely, it sounds like the deckhands put up money to give him if he could catch the bit.