Recommend a drug consortium?

I need to join a drug screening consortium in order to renew and maintain my USCG license. I was a member of the APCA ( ) for a number of years. Never had an issue, but I searched the internet and found several others (including NACO : ) which seems to offer more benefits.


I’ve had to hook up with APCA when running charters as an independent contractor. Never had any problems.

I shop local, I found a woman who is a PA she does my consortium cheap and does my physicals for $55

She specializes in volunteer fire departments but she is DOT approved and uses approved labs for urinalysis.

@silverbk - That’s not a bad idea. I’m also a volunteer fire fighter and recently went through their urinalysis and physical. I’ll look into it.

Usually where you are working has a preference on which consortium. If you just need to renew, A recent (within 6 months) DOT 5 Panel will do.

I used to go to a couple of doctors named Escobar and Guzman down in Tijuana but lately they haven’t been picking up the phone so I don’t know what’s up with them. I have heard there is a chemist named Walter White offering them in Albuquerque for cheap.

I joined APCA last week and took the drug test this week. Now what? Do I need to remain a member? If I remain am I then subject to random tests? Are there negatives to quitting? I was under the impression that my next test was due at the same time as license renewal? Is this correct? This is my first time around dealing w/ the USCG and I want to get it right. Thanks.

To renew, upgrade, or get original Coast Guard endorsements, you don’t need to be a member of a consortium and subject to random screening. A single drug test within 6 months of your application is sufficient.

Thank you Mr. Cavo. So there will be no negative effects if I go inactive with APCA?