Reading materials

Hey guys.I’m studying for a marine mechanic right now.Would be happy if you can give me some study materials,share links etc.
Thank you

Principles of Naval Engineering US Navy
Machinist Mate 3 & 2. US Navy
Engineman 3 & 2 US Navy

That is a good start for larger vessels. If you are interested in smaller boats, I have no ideas right now…

Osbournes Vol 1 and 2

Edit: I guess they are called hunts now. Anyway it’s the Modern Marine Engineers Manual

are you talkin about fixin outboards and such or about being a marine engineer?

there is a huge difference…

Here is what I study at work.

Here is some books for studying marine mechanic is:-
Chapman Piloting,Marine Diesel Engines,Quick and easy Boat Maintenace.