Reading for old ex. Engineers

An old friend, now passed, went to sea on a Port Line vessel and it was one of the last to have accommodation in the Forecastle. It would have been about 1960.

Was always amused that the rating spaces in the aft house of a 2-house tanker were called the “focsle.”

This one had crew accommodation in the Forecastle:

Originally built for KPMC for the Indonesian Inter island trade:
JAYAWIJAYA I, General cargo vessel, IMO 5153450 | Vessel details |
Originally certified for 1200 shelter deck passengers
I was Master on her first trip for Southwind Shipping & Trading Pte. Ltd to introduce her to the shippers and consignees in Irian Barat (now West Papua) in 1974.

PS> You may remember her as the Grayville?

Not maritime, but you may enjoy this anyway: