Razorhead 40X10 flat deck aluminum work boat

2011 Razorhead 36x10
2008 Yamaha F250’s digital, fully serviced
2011 McClain Triple axle aluminum trailer

This boat is ready to work and will be fully serviced.
Boat features:
-Air conditioned cabin
-VHF radio
-trim tabs
Contact Logan: 337-380-1566 or Boatyardlogan@gmail.com

We have a few available if your looking to upgrade your fleet.

Photos: http://www.theboatyardinc.com/default.asp?page=xPreOwnedInventoryDetail&id=4550968&p=1&at=boat|personal%20watercraft&s=(Sort%20By)&d=D&t=preowned&sq=razor&fr=xPreOwnedInventory