Ratings needed to run OSV over 500 tons

All I have is :

Master 500 GRT (domestic tonnage ) near coastal

Master : Limited to service on vessels of not more than 3000 ITC near coastal

STCW with: Radar Obs , RFPNW, VSO

Able Seaman - Unlimited

Is there anything else I’m missing here ?? All info greatly appreciated

what about GMDSS & lifeboat??

[quote=seadawg;16844]what about GMDSS & lifeboat??[/quote] I have Lifeboat, but not GMDSS. The only codes in my booklet are: II/2 and VI/5
What are those ?

II/2…denotes "deck/management"
VI/5…denotes “VSO”

**be advised that there is much more incorporated into that “little orange book” than just the “codes”…mine required reissue…pretty much dictated the “corrections” to the evaluator…not sure that the NMC has yet to master all it’s permutations!!