Ratchet Binder Maintenance

I’ve read trucker forums and there are many differing opinions. The Master I work with uses multi-purpose grease and then cleans them every once in a while with muriatic acid and then paints them with rustbond. Not exactly what I would do. If a binder is bad enough to use acid, you should just shit-can it and replace. I thought it would be better to clean them every couple weeks in ATF and then use gear lube on the threads/WD-40 on the spring. When you’re done with the binder, thread it all the way in and store it after a quick touch up with gear lube. I’ve seen a lot of guys use anti-seize, which I think is a bad idea cause it can dry up, and I always thought it was meant for threads that you don’t work very much. Wanted to get more thoughts on what works for you. Thanks.

We go through them every month and use heavy weight grease on the binders and WD40 on the latch as needed.

When they get rusty enough that you would consider knocking the rust off and painting them then we chunk them and get new ones.

Neverseeze would be fine if you have some that you never use, but a healthy dose of grease and not leaving them out in the elements one would think be just as good. Plus are your hands really that buys that they cant go out and exercise the binders once a month and knock them lose?

Loctite Marine Grade Never seize.

Never seize and zep 45 good to go!

Never used rachet binders but in general I agree with Jemplayer. Sending the crew around once a month to work and grease might not be optimal but sometimes trying to optimize things like this is not worth the time and effort. It might be worthwhile to extend the lube periods with special materials in some cases but in general just sticking to a routine works.

I don’t use WD40 and I refuse to use it. I use Aero Kroil. I personally like putting never seize but don’t be generous with it. Put just enough cause I promise you, you’ll know the exact trail you took after completed with the binders.