Radar refresher rule

Anyone recently renewed their license without doing the radar refresher course?

You should be more specific. Before the rule you could renew your license without being up to date on radar, you just wouldn’t get the radar endorsement in your MMC. So you probably meant to ask was anyone able to renew their RADAR OBSERVER endorsement without a course?

The rule and the policy letter should be clear you can now do this (if you have the recent sea time). Are you asking because you weren’t able to?

No im asking to find out how to word the seatime letter to include radar time.

Look at the rule itself, and the policy letter. They will say what the sea service has to involve. That’s what the NMC will be looking for in service letters. Also, the policy letter notes certain types of vessels where you don’t need to specifically use the magic words. If your service was on one of those types, it would help if that was in your letters.

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