Racism in the Maritime world?

Are there racism in the maritime world?:

The answer is obviously YES, but it is not only one race that suffer from this.
As most seafarers have experienced, racism exists in many countries and against Black, Brown, Yellow, Red, but also against Whites, (to stick in the popular colour code for different races) based on their perceived skin colour.

There are also “racism” within the same “colour group”, based on nationality, religion, or even degree of “blackness”.

I remember a “black” American Camp boss on a rig in West Africa who had to be replaced because the local catering crews did not want to take orders from him. (OK, he had a bit of an “attitude” himself)

Of course not! The maritime world is a perfect world. None of the problems and prejudices that exist on land exist in maritime world. Mariners morph into angels once they get to sea. All nationalities and skin colors are equal, love abounds.
I get the point of the article but the truest statement is when the author states; “How much diversity exists within the Boards in top shipping companies? Surely you will see an odd black or Asian face thrown in for good measure, but don’t be mistaken; for the real power resides solely with the clique.”
When I was working with a US or UK based company I’ve had to work harder for promotions for people of a color other than I did for a white guy from the US or UK. That is a fact. There were always questions asked like,“Why not John? Here’s been here as long as the guy you want and has good evaluations? What makes this guy you want to promote better?” My answer was he’s better because he is better and I have to run the department. You want to do the choosing do it.
The answer back was always along the lines of,“OK, I hope you aren’t making a mistake.”

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Probably true in the US and Europe, but not so much in Asia, at least when it comes to “Asian faces”.

I don’t have much experience in the Boardroom of US or European companies, but in Singapore I have been invited to a few. (As Marine Advisor, or to present reports, services or projects

I can assure you that “Asian faces” sat at the top of the table and they called the scores, even if there were some “white faces” in the room. (Not many “black faces” though)

PS> I cannot speak for others, but I don’t recall anybody expressing any racial or religious opinions, or feeling of superiority (or inferiority) Nor did anybody “kowtow” to the Chairman, regardless of race etc.
Mutual respect based on knowledge and professional conduct, yes.