Diversity in Shipping (Again)

The idea that gender does not exist is obviously nonsense. With regards to race consider that the term “Flat Earth Theory” refers to a set of social beliefs that have no scientific validity.

Similarly the term “racism” refers to a a set of social beliefs which are now known to have no scientific basis.

From here: https://duckofminerva.com/2020/06/race-racism-and-international-relations.html

Racism is a set of social beliefs that holds groups of people as inferior and facilitates discriminatory practices.

This idea that diversity is always better is just so flawed. Sure, sometimes a crew with different backgrounds works well. Sometimes it doesn’t. People’s backgrounds and skin colors don’t matter at sea, work ethic and ability do!

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An interesting study in that was done years ago. We all know racism is a learned experience and even taught. There is also class prejudice which fits in with racism which the average US citizen ignores however it is very prevalent. Go to the Hamptons in summer or Palm Beach in the winter to experience that.

Work ethic and ability matters in our small world. I don’t care what color skin or gender.


If there was a company where all top executives had the same last name they might argue that they hired strictly on merit but likely a lot of people would doubt that claim.

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I’m sure there are companies with a few execs with the same last name, can you name a few? Particularly Jones Act trade or GOM . And Bouchard doesn’t count anymore.