Question for Mr Cavo re; PIC Endorsement & F/F refresher

The question has come up regarding what is required to be shown for receiving the T/B PIC Endorsement if one is already a license holder (Master Oceans 1600 GT, STCW 95, AB Unl.,MOT Oc.)
It is understood the 10 load/discharge requirement and 90 day service letter with a PIC School Certificate is necessary. Does the Advanced Fire Fighting or refresher course have to be repeated?
I would add that the call I made to the NMC today gave me the info that since AdvFF was tendered to receive an earlier endorsement, a refresher would not be necessary, true? And if possible, could you direct me to the reg or policy that confirms this one way or the other?

In 2002, I took the PIC course at Piney Point and just showed my cert with loads and discharges for the endorsement when I renewed licences and z-card. I did not have to repeat fire fighting.

[I][quote=captbbrucato;20087]…Does the Advanced Fire Fighting or refresher course have to be repeated?..[/quote][/I]

The fire fighting course does NOT need to be repeated for a tankerman endorsement. 46 CFR 13.307 specifies the course must have been 5 years or less before the date of application [U]unless it was previosuly submitted for a license or endorsement[/U].