Advanced Firefighting

I am trying to my Ballast Control Operators endorsement and I need a Advanced Fighting cert. I got it in 1994 and have been shipping out since then ,particpating in fire drills etc . Do I need to retake it or take a refresher ? I am hearing different stories from people on this and havent found anything in the CFRs and STCW is a little vague on it.

I don’t know the BCO regs but I hold a Master’s Unlimited and got approved for OIM. I haven’t taken Adv FF since the academy.

Hopefully someone can quote the regs to check, but I think you’re ok.

The short answer is no, but below are some links that may help you. Also if you can call Martin Intl. and they have licensing personnel that can answer any questions you may have.

CFR BCO REQUIREMENTS:;c=ecfr;cc=ecfr;sid=0f4cb644809143503744320dd8ffce04;idno=46;region=DIV1;q1=ballast%20control%20operator;rgn=div8;view=text;node=46%3A1.


MSTC Water Survival


I just did mine and was not required to do the fire fighting again, but I did turn in my original FF Certificate with my application.

Normally advanced fire fighting doesn’t have to be renewed. But, if this is your first license, it needs to be in the past year.

Thanks for the feedback , Guys . Mr . Cavo is there any way you can sit for a Coast Guard Exam for BCO or Barge Supervisor and get out of the stability course ? I have the Survival suit course and Advanced Firefighting .

The course and the exam are separate requirements, you need both.