Advanced FF?

I recently upgraded to 2M unlimited and there was no need to show proof of advanced fire fighting as it was “previously met” by getting my 3M license. So I have kind of fallen off on keeping it up to date or even if I need to be. In the process now of joining a union and they ask for training certs, so I’m wondering about my FF. I took the course in 2011. And then I took another basic fire fighting course when I joined MSC in 2015 for whatever reason. What’s the ruling on ADvanced FF now? I guess I could check with the NMC but I seem to get mixed answers there.

Things changed on Jan 1, 2017. You need to show continued competency, either 1 year of sea time in the last five AND a REVALIDATION course, or if you don’t have that sea time, a longer REFRESHER course. See Encl 1 of NVIC 9-14.


Thanks! So if I already have advanced FF on my MMC and my MMC doesn’t expire until 2020, am I good until 2020? Would I only need it now if I was to apply for a raise in grade?

If you want a new MMC and 5 more years on the MMC, you need the revalidation/refresher. If you upgrade and do not renew the MMC, you shouldn’t need it. Most want the renewal and 5 more years, so make sure NMC knows that you do not want to renew.

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