Q: Wait for MSC entry level jobs or go to school in piney point, MD.?

New mariner here with entry level endorsements. I have no seatime. i would like input from all who wish to reply…i would like to know should i wait for MSC to open up the entry level jobs so that i can apply or go ahead and fill out this application i got in the mail from SIU unlicensed apprentice program in piney point, MD. what are the pros and cons of both ? and also i would like input from anyone who is in or has attended the school and what should i expect out of it. one last thing, if i attend the school in piney point how much would i be looking to make my 1st yr after attending the school ?

I have my TWIC card,MMD,and passport…

Hello Mike23, I would recommend doing a search on here because theres lots of information to be found. I’m not sure if MSC is going to have many entry level jobs coming up, I know they have a surplus of cadets looking for spots right now. Can’t say much about SIU’s school or Piney Point cause I don’t have the knowledge. Before you go anywhere I would highly recommend getting your Basic Safety Training done. Good Luck

thanks kinggrobby for the reply. i have done a search on here for those answers but just still need more input. about the BST i was told if i get hired with MSC they would pay for all of that and if i go to school i would get BST up there included with my school cost…

I would say both of those are true. If those are your only two considerations then don’t waste your money on bst.

Its my understanding that Piney Point has a pretty long waiting list to get in. So if you don’t have a firm starting date for the school, go ahead and apply with MSC. If they hire you, you’ll be on the clock from day one, whether you’re inprocessing, in school or on a ship.