Pushing up in the mud in fourchon?

Really! All the oil money in the state of La and the state can’t install mooring for vessels to stand by on in Bayou Lafourche or Fresh Water City? What about our environmental commitment and such. Just a rant!

What you afraid of getting a little mud on the bottom of your companies boat?

Hell at least pushed up you don’t have to worry about doing the shuffle and it’s an option that you have. After about 190’ it gets a little impractical.

It’s a big enough pain in the ass when it gets four deep in front of C-Port 1 and the inside guy has to come out, so let’s just make all of Fourchon like that?

If that’s the biggest issue you have to bitch about while working must be pretty nice where you are at and are they hiring.

Really., if your company doesn’t allow you to push up on the banks and you are forced to do the Fourchon Shuffle is it really cost effective I think if you did a Risk Assessment it would not. The greatest risk to crew member injury would be tying and untying the boat,. You risk pinch injuries, back injuries, slip and fall injuries. You have the expense of starting and stopping the engines and thrusters and the risk of collision or allison every time you move. There really should be a better way.

The Fourchon Shuffle…my favorite part of the watch! Can’t drive a computer while you’re driving the boat!


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