Proving foreign seatime to the USCG

I’m currently working onboard a Danish ship, registered in Copenhagen, sailing as a 3rd officer. When I’m done here, what do I bring home to show the Coast Guard that my seatime should count for them too? I have gotten what they call a Danish Recognition Certificate (a day after I applied for one might I add…), but the Danish keep their seatime in a seaman’s book, which I cannot get because I am not a Danish citizen. Obviously a discharge like we get on US ships is out of the question, so what do I do? Is a letter from the Captain enough, or is there some other process to go through? Maybe JDCavo has the answer?
Thanks for any help about this.

Letter from the captain, in english, on company letterhead , will be enough.
I sailed on a Japanese Fishing Vessel and the CG accepted that.

Just curious, What’s you position onboard, how’d you get the job and what are they paying you?

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Seadog is correct, the Captain’s signature on company letterhead is fine BUT assesments can only be signed by US mariners so be sure to do a hitch on a US ship before sitting for C/M.