Proof of residence requirement

Hello all. I’m considering applying for a position with MSC but I was reading that employees are required to maintain a proof of residence while employed. I’m currently a renter and of course it doesn’t make sense to rent an apartment and never be there for extended periods of time. Also, I’m not able to use anyone else’s address. My question is: How do you maintain the proof of residence requirement if you don’t own a home? Thank you.

Look into mailing services. Some will assist in establishing residence. St. Brendan’s Isle in Green Cove Springs, FL is one.

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Lots of retired people living in RV’s have the same problem. Do a search for RV owner permanent address too. I think lots were in the midwest somewhere.

Keep the apartment.

I am curious, why you can not use anyone else’s address? Not one person in your family will help you out?

Did you have a bad experience with them or know someone who has?

I suppose I could but I dislike depending on others if I’m being honest.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

Mail box companies like St Brendan’s Isle just provide you with a private mailbox address, and mail forwarding.

They use to be able to help you establish “legal residence,” get a driver’s license, register cars to the address, register to vote, etc. etc.

Now, Federal law ( maybe it’s the Patriot Act ) has prohibited that.

The government, banks, credit bureaus, lawyers, and many others now have instant access to a lot information about you through databases like Lexis/Nexis. They know right away if an address is commercial or residential. They know what address is on your drivers license, what you have for cars and what address they are registered to. And so on.

Now, you cannot even open a bank account without proof of physical residence.

The best thing to do now is to rent a room in someone’s house in a no state tax state. Have a landline phone installed in your name in your room so that you can show a utility bill, and register to vote, so that shows up in the databases. Use that address on your driver’s license and car registrations. Make sure that you actually pay rent every month and get rent receipts. Also, keep a few things there and spend the night there from time to time.

All this is an expensive, time consuming, aggravating waste of money, but it’s what it takes to have and maintain a legitimate physical address these days.

Nothing wrong with renting a room from a friend, shipmate, or relative, just make sure it’s in one of the no state income tax states.

As far as MSC goes, you need a Security Clearance. They will investigate you, including sending someone visit your residence and talk to the landlord and the neighbors.

Are you sure now that you don’t want to inconvenience a friend or relative?

Are you sure that you want to work for MSC (and undergo the security clearance investigations)?


Thank you for the advice. You would think they would make it easier since they are hurting for people. I have some thinking to do.

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This is the truth. You need to do all this. Mail forwarding addresses will not stand up under any scrutiny at all. If keeping an address in a no state income tax state is your goal, or passing background security checks, or both, yall need to follow tugsailors advice to the letter. Many of these folks with mail forwarding addresses in Florida or Texas will one day receive a very rude awakening when they get a letter in the mail from the tax man. I’ve seen people get bent over for many thousands of dollars with zero recourse.


re: Keep the apartment.

I had a ball at MSC 2008-13. I am not saying don’t apply. There were some a-holes, but so what?

When you answer the security form they will need a real address. A p.o. box masquerading as one will be found out and will not be accepted.

A guy in my new intake group (NEO) from rural Hawaii could not provide a street address (second house on the left after the big haystack kind of thing) and got a lot of pushback. Not sure if he ever handled it as he quit soon after.

Good Luck, Paul K