Processing Apps for National Officer/Rating Endorsements that exp 3/24/19

A reminder for some if this applies.

The Coast Guard amended regulations to qualify for national officer and rating endorsements in a final rule titled Implementation of the Amendments to the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW), 1978, and Changes to National Endorsements (78 FR 77796). The rule was published on December 24, 2013. The portions applicable to national endorsements became effective on March 24, 2014.

The final rule provided grandfathering provisions for mariners who began the service and/or training for their endorsement before March 24, 2014. Under these grandfathering provisions, mariners who began service or training for a national endorsement may qualify for the endorsement under the regulation and polices existing before March 24, 2014, provided they apply for the endorsement before March 24, 2019 .

processing_endorsement_apps_exp_mar_24.pdf (150.8 KB)

Can anyone Translate This into plain English?

You have until March 24th to apply for a national license under the old rules and exams if you qualify for grandfathering.

So this effects raise in grade only? Not renewals

Original license or raise in grade only, not renewals.

Original License does that mean first issue license? For example a AB to 3rd mate ? Thank you for answering, early riser i see

It should, but you had to have started your service before March 2014. That also doesn’t apply to the STCW endorsement of OICNW. The grandfathering for that ended December 31 2016.

For your purposes, and purposes of this policy letter, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s not a renewal. I assume you followed the link and read the actual policy, and not just the press release announcing it the policy was posted. You probably noticed the following “Mariners may qualify for the original issue, raise of grade or increase in scope of a national officer or rating endorsement….” So to keep it simple, if it’s a national endorsement and you’re not renewing it, the policy applies.

jdcavo thank you for taking the time to respond, Phoenix as well

How does this effect STCW renewals?

Nothing will change for STCW. That change happened 2 years ago. You will definitely need either a “revalidation” or “refresher” course for STCW Basic Training. If you have one year of sea time on the past 5 years, you can take the shorter revalidation course. If not, you need the longer refresher course. If you have proficiency in survival craft and do not have the one year of sea time in the last five, you need a PSC refresher course. If you have that sea time, you are good for PSC if you take the revalidation course for Basic Training (your shipboard drills will cover PSC except for the in water stuff you get in BT).

There’s more if you have a license. I won’t bother with that now, but post what if any STCW offficer endorsement you have and I’ll talk about that…

Able Seafarer - Deck
Officer in charge of a navigational watch (OICNW)
Medical First-Aid Provider
Vessel Personnel With Designated Security Duties
GMDSS Operator
Vessel Security Officer
Advanced Firefighting
Security Awareness
Basic Training
Proficiency in survival craft and rescue boats other than fast rescue boats (PSC)
Rating forming part of a navigational watch (RFPNW)

There’s a revalidation course for this as well.


Actually my question was about Basic training, as i had to retake the 4 elements of basic training for my employer in Dec. of 2014, If i apply for renewal early will I only have to submit certification for advance fire fighting re-validation? Or will i have to take the B.T. re-validation since my Basic Training will expire in 6 months?


Also first aid, do i need elementary first aid in addition to?

You can probably renew before December (within 5 years of taking BT) without doing a BT Revalidation or refresher course. Whether that would be acceptable to foreign post state control a year from Noe, I don’t know.

You don’t need to repeat First Aid again for the USCG, however, some employers require a current (within two years) American Red Cross or American Heart Association First Aid/CPR/AED card.

In addition to what I listed earlier, you are going top need a course for Advanced Firefighting, if you have the one year of sea time in the past five, you can take a shorter revalidation. If not, you need the longer refresher. You will also need a course for Leadership and Managerial Skill if you haven’t had one before.

Does this one year in the past five years need to be on vessels requiring the STCW endorsement? Or can it be on any vessel?

That letter was for the radar endorsement. I was asking about the firefighting, BST, and PSC. Or are you saying that the laundry list of vessels is the same?

My revalidation was accepted from time on vessels that do not require STCW. I believe the requirement was that the vessels conducted regular documented drills. Sample of one, YMMV