Problems replying to posts


[QUOTE=Kennebec Captain;190749]Better to send an email than assume these posts get read by the admins.[/QUOTE]

I have sent an email to admin & Mike



The past couple of days I’ve started opening gCaptain in an “Incognito Window” and that seems to help. Haven’t had to clear computer history to see new post. Hmmm…

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Post #80 below didn’t open up after being posted. But after signing out and closing the window, gCaptain was re-opened in another “Incognito Window” and it showed up.

A step in the right direction, but why should we have to be doing this?



I can’t post in threads anymore from the iPhone app. I can read everything just fine but once I go to post I type about 2 letters in and the whole app crashes. I can still use the regular website to post on my iPhone however.



I had the same problem just deleted the app and re downloaded it



Just spent a good amount of time replying to another thread only to have the site start flickering on me after submitting. What a waste of time!



I have the same problems as everyone else. Poorly managed and maintained website. I will soon scratch it off my bookmarks



Ok, here’s an update:

Most of the guesses are wrong except DeepSeaDiver’s comment “the admins have been very busy based on the recent industry unrest”. It has always been a bit of a balancing act between managing the homepage and the forum and the job section pretty much took care of itself… but… in recent months with countless mariners out of work, the job board has required more of our attention.

The larger problem is that the software we are running is antiquated and no longer updated frequently updated because most new websites are choosing free options or forgoing forums altogether for social media sites like facebook. We are considering moving to free software as well but not because of the cost but because, despite being free, it is much better supported.

The other problem is our growth continues to grow at astounding rates. The level of new active members is not up significantly but the number of readers is. This puts a strain on the software and our server. The rest of our website runs on the cloud but the forum remains on a physical computer at Rackspace. We’d love to migrate this forum to the cloud but none of the reliable cloud hosting services will support it and we do not have the technical knowledge in-house to make this transition.

Years ago we invested a considerable amount of time and money hiring a company to developer the android and iphone apps. About a year after they were built the developers team we hired was acquired by a much larger company that was not interested in supporting small forums like ours. So they dropped us. The android app stopped working immediately and the iphone app continued to work ok but we have no way of updating it. We have looked into rebuilding the app but have not found a solid development team that’s willing to work with vbulletin.

So, as we have stated in the past, the iphone app is currently unsupported and use it at your own risk.

And to answer the most commonly posted and emailed question: we have reset, rebooted and cleared the cache on our server many times.

But the largest problem is that the forum software is working fine on all our computers and for most of the members. We do believe that you are having serious issues but these issues have been difficult to recreate on our end.

Lastly, there are other significant problems with the underlying software (one service provider we use, VBSEO, has gone out of business) that have required a significant amount of our time in recent weeks/months to fix. Problems that you don’t see because we are on top of them… problems that, if not addressed, could stop the forum from working altogether. We’ve managed to fix these problems but it’s taken a considerable amount of time.

The best solution we’ve found for moving forward is to migrate this forum to one of the free forum software solutions like Buddypress. (Again this isn’t a matter of cost… it’s a matter of getting reliable updates). Why haven’t we done this already? There are three reasons:

  1. There are thousands of post and user that need to be transitioned. This is a big job.
  2. The last time we changed the design of the forum my phone and email were inundated for weeks and none of the messages where positive. And all we did that time was alter the look of the forum… we did not eliminate or change any core features. Moving to buddypress would change everything.
  3. The new forum software works better mostly because it’s bare-bones. Many features (like PM’s and advanced spam filtering) would be eliminated.


P.S. We are open to other ideas!.. but “reseting the server” is not one of them.




Thanks for all the hard work from yourself and your team to keep gCaptain up and running. Just remember sailors are gonna bitch. No matter what. Even if everything was flawless. It’s part of the unwritten job description of a sailor.



Would you be interested in monetizing the forum? I personally like seeing $ come into my businesses. You have the following and the great industry reputation. Your entrepreneurship, time management, and managerial skill set stand above the rest on the different platforms and online communities that you and your company are involved with, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook etc. I am confident it would be successful. If you go the free route you can’t monetize as easy.

Generally, advertisers that buy ad space, in addition to Google AdSense will pay for the hosting and software license over time. You could use your new forum to possibly draw in more paying advertisers or industry sponsors. You could even possibly sell low-cost premium forum memberships?

I would also suggest for you to spend a little time and browse around a few forums for admins, and see what they are talking about? In addition, see what they are using. XenForo? By looking at what the pros are doing it will most likely give you and your administrative staff some more ideas.

Look at the plugin library to see, the amount of plugins that have been created to enhance the functionality, and appearance that you may be looking for. Another key point as you mention above is the available support staff community / pool.

I have a feeling you can obtain a more cost effective shared hosting solution. With unlimited domains.

I would also suggest that you send out a forum member newsletter to make sure the members email address is still active etc. Kind of like update your info or else.

This is the 2016 media kit for a large forum for an example.

You could use your Monthly page views, and Monthly unique visitor count, and continual new subscribers as selling points.




This is the 2016 media kit for a large forum for an example.

You could use your Monthly page views, and Monthly unique visitor count, and continual new subscribers as selling points.[/QUOTE]

We do sell ads on this forum both directly and via adsense.

We do have a media kit:

But most of our advertisers prefer that we sell to directly prefer to advertise on the news section of the site.

Google Adsense is also significantly more profitable for us on the news sections because our forum readers are much less likely to click on ads.

We also do have low-cost premium forum memberships:



Ok great, so you have a good start on this. Going the free software shipping lane route you lose some of the advertisting ability. I understand how the primary advertisers want their advertisements visible on the news section of the main page. So how can you get the [B][U]forum members since it us that are complaining[/U][/B], some sponsors, or new potential advertisers to pay for the upgrade? I have ideas, and I am sure you do also. Once you meet your financial requirement for the hosting and software license then it is all profit for you after that. You might need to have a reserve fund for an example a Xenforo webmaster (if that is the software you choose?) for research and development, periodic upgrades for increased income streams and functionality. That way you guys can focus your energy on everything else that is going on like the editorial and sales, accounts receivable, and payable tasks.

As we know mariners are out of work. Have you ever thought about offering a resume writing service? I know you do have the resume database. Is there any way to expand that and make money doing it? Some of the cadet’s come to you and the forum for answers how can you help them, and make a few bucks at the same time since gCaptain is the industry expert. The forum members should not ever degrade their initial OP questions.

Turn this vBulletin little problem into a new and bigger profit center. When the grass is green, and the vegetables are growing we all should not stop watering the soil.

We have not even spoken about gCaptain ecommerce.



But until that time this site is of little use and a reflection upon its management. I would not advertise here as it is currently maintained. There comes a time when one must either devote the resources to their product or admit they have neither the interest or resources at this time.
It is not shameful to admit that fact.



[QUOTE=DeepSeaDiver;191211][B][U]forum members since it us that are complaining[/U][/B][/QUOTE]

Stop pretending you are one of “us”.

You are a sniveling suckup wannabe who goes to any length just to see your vomitus posted online … go away please.



I’ve been able to stay logged in today and respond to posts. Hope it is fixed for good.



Consider investing in the gCaptain club membership. It’s on sale currently.



the ‘reply to thread’ box doesn’t appear, refreshing just blinks the page I want and returns to the old page… etc. etc. etc. I think all the probs and fixes have been addressed but the bottom line: it aint workin!! and you’ll lose posts, readership & eventually revenue will reflect this till it gets fixed so I’d advise the administrator to get this on the VERY front burner and fix it… I believe it started about 6 weeks ago, for me anyway.
there are some forums I’ve been on much much longer and have no problem at all… lets hope this most important forum can be restored.



I still can’t figure it out! and the first thing I see is some old post I made which confuses things more… hard to teach a old salt new stuff!.. and the better stuff comes from olde salts, that’s why more improvement aint always so!!