Server Migration

Later today we will be migrating the website over to a new, more powerful, server to handle the recent increase in traffic to this site.

Hopefully the migration will go without any hicups but please note, some of the threads you post later today could be lost in the shuffle.

Thanks for your patience.

We have completed the migration to our new server.

If you are viewing this message then the process has been successful.

We are still working on the search and"What’s new" functionality but please report all other bugs as a post below or email:


Thanks for the upgrade. The only problem I’ve had is when clicking on the “New Posts” button. It takes me to a new page which has the following information:

[B]Fatal error[/B]: Call to undefined function array_fill_keys() in [B]/var/www/vhosts/[/B] on line [B]34[/B]

“New Posts” shares the same code with “What’s new”… we are working on a fix.

problems with the SEARCH function also

Both problems have been fixed!

Let me know if you run into any further problems.

Thanks so much John!