Prepping for Diego Garcia

Im about to head to diego garcia and I was wondering if it was possible to get cellphone coverage or a wifi hotspot there like saipan? also if the USNS boats had their own wifi, I heard that some do. is there anything else I should keep in mind for DeGar? this is my first time so it would be much appreciated.

They do have some wifi, also a launch for boredom and a shitty 9 hole golf course. At least they have one on top of coral, fake turf.

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Guess I need to learn to play golf.

Maybe take up snorkeling, (if you are not already a fan) There are apparently some nice reefs at DG that hasn’t been bleached by rising water temperatures, eaten by starfish or died from fishing with poison:
I presume you have already checked this website?:

PS> Apparently bleaching has already occured on neighbouring Chagos in BIOT:

Isn’t there an abundant shark population there…?

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I guess there are no depths to which O’bug will not sink in his anti-American conspiracy / plot. (Wink wink)


Yes. So there are in many places. Swimming with the sharks for free:

You are correct JD Cavo, snorkeling is not advisable due to not friendly sharks. Suggest golf or barhopping. Either way, getting off the boat/ship at anchorage does the mind well. The locals are awesome.

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Yes and they are all in Mauritius or Seychelles:
Stolen island: the shameful story of Diego Garcia hits the stage | Theatre | The Guardian.

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Sad but true Bug.

Here is the ship that carried the inhabitants away from their home:

Yes there are SHARKS;

The Plantation fisherman with the jaws of a shark he harpooned from his dugout canoe.

For those who are interested, here is the story of the first Americans that got there to “prepare the ground” for later occupation:

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I never did like swimming with sharks although told countless times “they won’t bother you”, nowadays i doubt i’d get in the water.