Prepositioning in Panama

There has been an American-flagged prepositioning vessel (MV Sagamore) making several trips over the past 2 months carrying MSC cargo from Houston to Manzanillo and Cristobal, Panama.

Has anyone heard that we are in danger of a hostile act of some kind from South America or the Caribbean Islands?



It should come as no surprise since Russia only abandoned its presence in Cuba because of the expense and is currently strengthening its ties to Venezuela.

Sagamore isn’t a prepo, she moves spot cargo for Sealift. When she doesn’t have cargo they lay her up.

Thank you for correcting my error.

Can she move MSC cargo, though?


Can she? Sure. Anyone can move MSC cargo. Whether or not that’s what she’s doing I have no idea. She could just be moving break bulk cargo

US-flag, only, for MSC cargo?

Yeah so long as they have a ship to do it. Why do you say it’s specifically MSC cargo?

Records indicate that.

…what records?

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Last I heard the current Sagamore was on charter to Maersk.

I think the previous Sagamore did the DGAR shuttle before getting replaced by the Mohegan. Sealift lost that contract to SLNC. The old sagamore also did feeder work in the Persian gulf before getting replaced by the Marstan.

Shipping records.

Do you work for Sealift?

Nah I’m just curious what records show it as MSC cargo

Mv Sagamore has had previous charters for MSC, her present charter is commercial cargoes. She has never been part of the prepositioned fleets.

Is there an echo in here?

Do you work for her owners/managers?

Did she or didn’t she make runs to Panama in July and August carrying MSC cargo containers?

Which MSC? The ones with a big MSC on the side? Cuz those are MSC. Not MSC.


MSC cargo inside containers. No MSC logo on any of them.

I didn’t realize it was so confusing.

Well there’s a lot of MSCs.

Not to be confused with MSQ, which was featured in the hit movie Contraband.