Port of Engagement

I signed a contract in Florida to work aboard a vessel located in Japan. The company flew me from Florida to Japan to join the vessel.

Was my port of engagement in Florida where I signed the contract, or is my port of engagement the port in Japan where I joined the vessel.

Are we talking union contract or non union? I have personally dealt with MEBA interpreting the port of engagement being the union hall which the member cleared from. That circumstance was not an international boarding though.

My contract is non-union as part of a non-union gang working aboard a ship crewed by SIU members.

Oh. Well those SIU members will most likely be making buku penalty money for your engagement aboard the vessel and taking their “sailors work”.

I don’t know what you’re situation will be like. Sorry I couldn’t help more.

Likely the port where you signed articles, I’ve signed on many ships overseas and my discharge always listed the overseas port. Does your contract specify return airfare on completion?

I doubt Japan would allow you to be stranded in their country for long

Which company, and which ship?

@RiverRats, Are you signed on as “Crew” or are you part of a Shore Gang doing repairs while underway?

Good question. Since they’re not part of the crew, do riding gangs sign articles?

Riding gangs do not sign shipping articles; just a contract with a labor management company.