SIU Apprentice looking for tug/ATB work

Hi, so I’m currently an SIU apprentice waiting to go back to the school for phase 3 of the 5 phase program- after completion I’ll hold an AB ticket, tankerman assist and B level union seniority- I think I would prefer to sail inland or near coastal rather than deep sea.

I’m from North Jersey, I’ve heard Harley Marine (or now, Centerline Logistics) takes SIU contracts… Does anyone have any experience working on a tug/ATB through the SIU and have any feedback on the availability of these jobs? Or know someone?


Your beloved SIU should help you find work. Lol. what a fucking joke.

I am sure the SIU explained their program to you. Once you successfully complete Phase 3, the union will assign you your first job (Phase 4). It is not something for you to find on your own…that will come later.

Honor your commitment to SIU for training you, do that , then perhaps seek other opportunities. They gave you a shot when maybe others didn’t. Man up.

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And also, if you’re on a tanker or ATB in the program, make damn sure you document any loads and discharges you participate in. This will speed up your tankerman cert.

G&H Towing in Texas is SIU-Inland. I guess you could transition to them pretty easily when you finish your training.

What about his question implies he intends to leave the union?

He never said he was leaving, my suggestion was to complete it.

That’s an unnecessary suggestion because he was asking about working on tugs AFTER he finishes the apprenticeship.

Then why say “honor your commitment to SIU”?

Bad suggestion to complete his training and commitment he signed on for? Good to look forward for employment opportunities later on, finish the program and move forward from there. That’s bad advice in your mind perhaps?

It’s irrelevant advice because he never indicated he had any desire to do otherwise.

In your great wisdom, it’s irrelevant. Too many leave before finishing the program in the later stages at great expense to the sponsor, this fellow did not indicate that, but could happen as it has with more than a few. My advice was to finish the program, nothing more, nothing less. Again,bad advice?

The tone and word choice of your original post did seem to suggest that you were chastising the OP for making plans to leave the SIU program, which I don’t believe he ever said he was going to do. The guy simply said he didn’t want to sail offshore after training and wanted to know where he could sail brown water or inshore with SIU. That’s how I read it anyways.

I’m glad for him he is in the program.

Yes I dont intend to leave the program but obviously I’ll be waiting a while before I go back for 3rd phase given the COVID situation.

I want to gain my AB ticket, which I will upon completion of the apprentice program. Afterward, yes I think I’d like to sail inland or near coastal on a smaller sized vessel. I’m hoping there will be a good amount of opportunity for an AB on these vessels, whether it be as an AB or a deckhand.

I’m assuming those 2 positions are the only 2 which can be acquired by someone with the AB ticket?

Do not limit yourself .Ab tankerman can open some bigger doors than you think right now. Times are tough right now, but the doors are not shut. You are on a decent path, stay with it. I really do wish you the best, don’t give up. Been there.

For deckhand positions on tugs they are, in all cases in aware of, dispatched out of the hall but once you complete your probationary period with the company you’re a permanent employee. What hall are your closest to?

You mean, bigger doors in regards to positions sailing inland/smaller vessels? Could you expand on that?

I live in North Jersey, so Jersey City is closest

There are probably some permanent tug jobs dispatched out of there. You may be able to get those jobs from any hall.