Port Fourchon storm status

Got hit pretty good last night, guts up to 100 mph, here in Larose LA. thats to the Northof Fourchon on the ICW. looks like we are going to be hanging out here for a couple days before we can get back to glorious Fourchon.

I have heard that here is (was) a barge loose over in Venice.

I want hard data on Fourchon. The track line took it over the north end of the jetties and south of the tank battery. It had to have moved rocks and buoys. The eye is over us right now in the Morgan City area the wind just changed direction.

We just called the Fourchon Harbor Police and they told us LA 1 from the flood gates South is underwater and closed. I assume they evacuated and were in Golden Meadow or Galliano. There will not be a full assessment of the port until the road is opened.

I hope the state has plans to extend the new bridge/highway to the four lane North of the flood gates in the near future, otherwise the Port could be shut down if LA 1 is cut/destroyed in a stronger storm until rebuilt.

We’re riding it out south of Sabine Pass in the fairway anchorage. Today has been the worst of it. Steady 35+ with higher gusts. Nothing to complain about.

My heart goes out to the folks who live where we work.

We’ll be out here on the hook until Fourchon’s condition is figured out.

Well my wife said this transformer was knocked over at my house in Mobile. I wonder if they will be able to get an aerial survey of Fourchon at daylight.

the latest radar image

Isaac’s not terribly powerful but very big and slow moving…it’s gonna be a few days before we know what the damage is.

From the Port Fourchon web site:


August 29, 2012
8:00 p.m.

According to the National Hurricane Center, Isaac has weakened to a Tropical Storm. Maximum sustained winds have decreased to near 60 mph. Isaac continues to move toward the northwest near 5 mph. Conditions should begin gradually improving from east to west late this evening.

Steady weakening is expected during the next 48 hours as Isaac continues to move farther inland. You are encouraged to remain inside shelter and stay alert as we remain under a Tropical Storm Warning.

Water covers the roadway from LA 1 just south of the Leon Theriot Floodgates, as well as roadways in Port Fourchon. The Lafourche Parish Sheriff’s Office has closed LA 1 to all vehicular traffic at LA 1 and the Leon Theriot Floodgates. A Flash Flood Warning is in effect.

Lafourche Parish President Charlotte A. Randolph has imposed a parishwide curfew from 7:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. or until further notice.

The Port Commission is working with NOAA and the NRT-4 Survey Team, who are planning to Survey Belle Pass as soon as it is safe to do so. NOAA and the NRT-4 Survey Team are expected to be arriving tomorrow.

The South Lafourche Levee District has advised that the Ted Gisclair Floodgate in Larose and Leon Theriot Floodgate in Golden Meadow remain closed until further notice.

Bridges remain closed to marine traffic.

The Greater Lafourche Port Commission offices, both in Galliano and Fourchon, will continue to be closed through Thursday, August 30th.

Lafourche Parish Government notices and closure information are available at the Lafourche Parish Emergency Website.

Continue to visit our website at www.portfourchon.com or call the Port Fourchon Public Information Line at (985) 798-5335 or toll free at 1-866-600-7803 for all of the latest updates. If you are in need of the Port Fourchon Harbor Police, call 985-396-3911 for 24-hour service. For emergencies dial 911.

Was at Bollinger shipyard when the decision was made to evacuate. They threw a pieced out knuckle boom petalstool and boom along with the cable reel onboard and sent us to Amelia. I’m glad we left.

We moved our vehicles to Galliano Wal-Mart. Was wondering if anyone knew about any flooding there?

The Anadarko dispatcher in Galveston showed some pictures of a Leeville convenience store with 5’ of water up the bulkheads to us today.

Lacrose La Isaac.

Just a few pix I found online. Sorry for the duplicate.

Yeah, I’m supposed to head over to ECO on Monday for processing, I wonder if they’ll be open.

[QUOTE=boattrash122;80469]Just a few pix I found online. Sorry for the duplicate.[/QUOTE]

Thanks boattrash - that is so sad - to think, 7 years to the day.

The pic with the stop sign is out of Mississippi, Bay St Louis I believe.

Not sure if these were actually snapped in south Lafourche Parish. These are all tagged Fourchon, I’m not guaranteeing their validity. These were collected from tv station web sites “you report” hurricane Isaac sections. Maybe someone will recognize something. If they are bunk I will remove them.

I think it’s odd that none of the “media” has reported that the supply boats for the oil rigs have been “affected” by the storm. On CNN they showed the Mcdonalds and you saw the GOL sign breifly. I wonder why they have not mentioned it, freakin werid.

[QUOTE=Rebel_Rider1969;80493]I think it’s odd that none of the “media” has reported that the supply boats for the oil rigs have been “affected” by the storm. On CNN they showed the Mcdonalds and you saw the GOL sign breifly. I wonder why they have not mentioned it, freakin werid.[/QUOTE]

Because they are idiots.

Apparently the media is unaware that the biggest hub for the offshore industry is there. Send one of the weather channel beauties our way every now and then. Jim Cantore can stay on bourbon st.