Poll: Obama's Address on BP Oil Spill & Energy

Here is video of Obama’s speech yesterday on the oil spill response.

So, what do you think?

It’s just another forum to push cap and trade.

I get so pissed I cant even finish listening to him.

[QUOTE=Jemplayer;36586]It’s just another forum to push cap and trade.

I get so pissed I cant even finish listening to him.[/QUOTE] This thread has the potential to go as viral as the DWH thread. How do you answer a speech when there is a guarantee given to cap 90% of a spill that the number is not known but growing every day.

“what we he smoking?”…he must have “inhaled” by mistake!!

[QUOTE=seadawg;36613]“what we he smoking?”…he must have “inhaled” by mistake!![/QUOTE]

Yes but it wasn’t a mistake:


So honestly, am I not the only one excited this country is finally going to consider alternative energy?

[U][B]Newspeak[/B][/U]: the language of bureaucrats and politicians, regarded as deliberately ambiguous and misleading, “designed to diminish the range of thought.”
~1984 George Orwell


[QUOTE=john;36623]Yes but it wasn’t a mistake:


In the aftermath of last month’s explosion of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico, all the survivors wanted to do was get to dry land and call their loved ones. [U]Yet for more than 24 hours, they were told to stay on ships on the water[/U].
Monica would spend the next 12 hours waiting to hear if her husband was dead or alive. She repeatedly called a number for Transocean, Choy’s employer, and the owner of the rig. When someone finally called her back, they could only say that her husband was on a list of the survivors.
Choy, a young roustabout on the rig, was handed a form to fill out, asking what he’d seen. "They came on there, and they gathered everybody in the galley on the boat and handed out … papers and stuff saying, ‘[These are] statements. You need to sign these. Nobody’s getting off here until we get one from everybody.’ "
But when Choy read the Coast Guard form, he didn’t like what he saw. "At the bottom, it said something about, like, you know, this can be used as evidence in court and all that. I told them, I’m not signing it."
The Coast Guard acknowledges it kept the men on the water in part so its investigators could get statements. But Choy says he thought the man who gave him the form said he was a lawyer with BP, the oil company. BP says it had no investigators or lawyers there.

[B]As he debarked, he noticed some Coast Guard and company officers sitting at a table, a row of portable toilets behind them. Before they left the docks, the [U]workers would have to be drug tested[/U]. [/B][B]Tired and angry, Sandell stood in line and filled out forms. When his turn came, he took the plastic cup, stepped inside one of the outhouses, and closed the door behind him.[/B]

[B]Joseph Hazelwood’s[/B] driver’s license had been suspended or revoked three times by the state of New York for alcohol violations since 1984. At the time of the [I]Exxon Valdez[/I] incident, his New York state driving privileges were suspended as a result of a driving under the influence arrest on September 13, 1988. He entered a rehabilitation program in 1985 at South Oaks Hospital in Amityville, New York. Following rehabilitation he received 90 days of leave to attend Alcoholics Anonymous, but it is not clear if he attended during that leave. He was to become infamous later as Captain of the Exxon Valdez.

When I was an active fishing charter captain I knew that marijuana residue stays in the blood for a week or more, although any so-called ‘high’ from it lasts maybe an hour. People who are ‘high’ on weed can become major sports stars, throw frisbees, play golf, handle a fly rod with grace and form. Marijuana tends to make one cautious, less the risk taker, less agressive … not so a drunk.
Meanwhile I had customers (who fished with their kids) tell me of hiring charter captains with paying passengers who were witnessed to drink a six-pack of beer on their fishing vessels before noon. I did not dare turn them in. I figure the Coast Guard would only hurt me. These licensed captains, and I heard of several, were probably clinical alcoholics. USCG was known to frequent watering holes and get quite drunk on week nights. I was sick of the hypocracy of it all, such concern with the wrong things. Workmans Comp Insurance companies LOVE finding marijuana smokers. Meanwhile the oceans seemed full of driving drunks. Smoking dope is NOT Obama’s problem. It’s way bigger than that. America’s problem is, it has too many dopes who follow leaders without questioning their BS. (my experienced opinion)

OHH NO!!! A serious accident happens and the CG wants accident statements and to drug test everybody, Bad Coast Guard Bad!!

We all work out there knowing that we have to stay clean, so I’m sorry if I don’t have any sympathy for anybody that get their feelings hurt when they have to take a drug test after an accident. In my experience the only guys nervous about a drug test are the ones with something to hide.

I’m sorry but NPR and the Huffington post are not credible news sources in regards to this as they both have liberal agendas that are easily furthered by this. But you are correct in that to many Americans don’t question our leaders enough.

Can we add an ignore button so anytime Prius decides to chime in with his uniformed opinions I don’t have to read them. Children should be seen and not heard.

test test test

[QUOTE=john;38850]test test test[/QUOTE]

It works…

[QUOTE=Prius;36625]So honestly, am I not the only one excited this country is finally going to consider alternative energy?[/QUOTE]

No, u r not, I am excited because of the posibilities for work onffhore it opens up and maybe our addiction to oil will be reduced.

However, until corporations can make piles of money off it, don’t think that u will see any measurable changes for a long time. Since the US is becoming a second rate nation because of the success of Al-Qaeda’s plan to bankrupt the US, the money for the changes in our infrastructure will not be funded by the government. Business will dictate where and when they will be made and exert ultimate control unless this country gets a Chavez in power and we go socialist and I do think there is much chance of that.

BTW P, have u realized yet that all of us that work offshore r not inherently evil?

I am excited by the rate at which “environmentalists” (& “animal rights” activists) are exposing themselves for the devious, lying, manipulative hypocrites that they are and that it is ONLY about THEIR bulging pockets & control. Charlatans are getting easier to spot. Real people who REALLY care just do what they can do & go on about their lives. They don’t usually proselytize because they aren’t “selling” anything (like snake oil). Thanks so much for insulting a very grave injury- Not.

This is a really ruthless post, Prius. So much for the “sensitive” & “politically correct” veil that usually comes from “bleeding heart” types (HA!). But of course, that is selective. Living & breathing things are expendable for “the greater good” of the agenda, corporation, or “foundation”.
On a lighter note, once you have everyone plunged back into the Stone Age, we will have to have oil for our torches. Hmmm, what to do… WHALE oil? Or kerosene?
Or maybe you would just have us wield our pitchforks (at you) in the dark. (That is, until you take those away, too)

Can anyone tell me where to go to find the forum on DWH.

[QUOTE=JeffTex029;39094]Can anyone tell me where to go to find the forum on DWH.[/QUOTE]

Let me know when u find out.
Perhaps Company Man 1 can advise?
I patiently await news of the 2 pipes[?] found within the sheared riser stub adjacent to BOP.

the “BP” oil rig??
didnt know they owned any