Pneumatic drain cleaner

who makes that drain cleaner, the one you put 150psi in with the air compressor, find the rubber fitting that fits the hole and you stick it on there and if you got room put your weight on it with your knee, pull the trigger and blow shit all over the place?

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Kinetic Water Ram?

I’m sure there are other manufacturers that make the same thing.

A drain bladder uses water pretty effectively.

Most times you don’t need that much air pressure. Best to plug up all interior outlets before firing it. Once upon a time I fired one into a black water line. Cleared the line great but at some point when an ensign cabin was added they had connected the floor drain in that one room to the black water instead of the gray water. As I was celebrating along with the my mates the clearing of the blockage the lady ensign appeared and began throwing white dress clothes at me she had laid out on her bunk when the geyser erupted in her room. This was an unfortunate incident,

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so tengineer, she wanted you to do her laundry? I’d prob not said much but MAY of hauled it alongside for a bit to get the brown out … that’d be about it.
the worst incident i’ve witnessed was while on watch the CE had me charge the fire pump, he was going to use it to unclog a problem at the sewage plant… it worked but he forgot to close the lines to the cabin heads… or some of them anyway and being a vacuum system the back flow quickly reached the cabins … gawd!, they had to haul all the carpet out of those rooms (permanently) and i imagine a few mattresses got damp also. we were somewhere between panama and hawaii … know your piping !!!

yea WT, that’s it. thanks … i found it once about a year or so back but sure couldn’t find it this time, Thx,

See the whole idea of pneumatic control of compressed air drains is that they clean themselves. You just have to keep an eye on them to make sure they’re going long enough and often enough to get all the condensate and oil out of the… what? we aren’t talking about cleaning pneumatic drains? But… never-mind, fellas, carry on.

ok ebrobu, I caught on pretty fast … it took a few beers but i’m on it now !!!