Platform Locator App

Attention all Mariners working in the Oilfield! Check out this new smart phone app. It’s called Platform Locator © created by Oilfield Mariner Apps… This app will give you the GPS coordinates and structure information for any platform in the Gulf Of Mexico. Platform Locator will also calculate distances from any platform to a port of your choice. This is a great little tool and very reliable. For more information please click on a links below.

Android Users Click Here

iPhone User Click Here

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Capt. Petty

[QUOTE=Capt. Petty;72379]This is a great little tool and very reliable. [/QUOTE]

Says who?..

$5.00? Geez. I’ll just look out the window.

That is what I said but he took it off. 5 bucks is way too much. Let’s try a dollar.

Oh yeah. Bye the way. You need to hit up the sport fishing group and not the professional mariner group. You will have more luck selling this. All royalties can go to me on this one. Also as an added bonus for the fishing guys tell them where " the rip" is.