Smart phone app for mariners working in the gulf

Attention all Mariners working in the Oilfield! Check out this new smart phone app. It’s called [B]Platform Locator[/B] [B]© [/B]created by Oilfield Mariner Apps… This app will give you the GPS coordinates and structure information for any platform in the Gulf Of Mexico. The app will also calculate distances from any platform to a port of your choice. This is a great little tool and very reliable. For more information please click on a link below. Android Users iPhone Users


Capt. Petty

I posted this in the market place but, for some reason it didn’t show up.

You must be proud of this for 5 bucks! Way overpriced. Not a chance bud. How about a dollar? But with all these new mates that don’t know charts or LNM it might be useful. Just saying.