Pilot medical evaluations

Based on that USCG guidance on delaying testing and renewals and such…

I just happened to glance at the pilot section, and then went into the USC for pilot medical evals. I hold a FCP license but don’t use it in my current job. However reading 46 USC 7101(e)(3), seems like I have to get a medical evaluation every year regardless of the fact that I don’t use it. Is that correct?

Another kink in that chain is that I never posted my FCP it into my MMC.

Just a non corona virus post for a change.

I have been retired for quite a bit. A yearly physical was required to maintain my Federal Pilot licenses. No biggy back then. 17 years later, perhaps it is different now.

No, I don’t think so. If the med expiration date for FCP is expired, you can’t sail as a FCP. That doesn’t mean other endorsements aren’t valid, though. The med certificate is good for 2 years for pilots (with only an annual physical required in between), 2 years for STCW, and 5 years for national endorsements. If you only need a national license, then you really only need to get a med certificate every 5 years, regardless of whatever other endorsements are on your MMC. But you won’t be able to renew those other endorsements unless the med certificate is up to date for them.

See 46 CFR 11.709. It is true, and has been for a very long time, it predates the medical certificate by quite a bit.

What is true? That CFR you posted applies only to an individual who pilots a vessel of 1,600 GRT or more and not to mariners that have an FCP endorsement that they don’t use. That’s why it says if you don’t get the annual physical, your pilot endorsement is no longer valid. Your MMC still is.

Has been a while since I have sailed, but had to get an annual physical to use my unlimited tonnage Federal pilot license on a regular basis, which I did use quite often. My 1600 ton masters only required a physical every 5 years.

Ok, that makes more sense. So it is just not valid until my next medical evaluation? I won’t have it pulled from my license since at this time I’m only keeping up with the STCW/National requirements for my MMC?