Pictures of Ships, Tugs, Off Shore Rigs, Barges, and those who work them

Some winter storm pictures I took as second mate while sailing on the tanker Mobil Lube, bound from Galveston to Boston in February 1978. It’s better known as “The Blizzard of '78” in the Northeastern United states where it dumped some record snowfall.


Very nice.

A foot or so extra wharf space cost money. Who needs it when you got enough thruster power??:

Cable layer NKT Victoria arriving in Aalesund just now.

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Looks like the Polar Duke is going to get underway somewhere. Emergency tow has been prepares and the tug FFS Atlas is alongside, ready to pull her off, after years in layup:

Polar Duke is a 12-streamer Seismic Survey Vessel, built in 2010:
Don’t know what is in store for her, but hope she will continue sailing the seven seas.

PS> The last Polar Duke (built 1983):
Served the US National Science Foundation for many years as their flagship for science programs in the region of the Antarctic Peninsula:
One of the more memorable episodes from that time happened in 1990 apparently:

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The old Polar Duke didn’t finish her Antarctic adventures with the termination of the NSF charter however:

She was converted to a pure Seismic Survey Vessel in 1998 and is still operating, now as the Duke belonging to Guardline and CGGV:

I surveyed the Polar Duke in Singapore in 2004, still with some of the original crews from her days with NSF on board and heard a lot of stories from that adventure.

There were a few adventures in her off New Zealand as well.

I missed the opportunity to have a closer look at this beauty when she visited Aalesund a couple of weeks ago:

The LUN II, built in Tresfjorden, Romsdal in 1914 as a fishing boat, which she was until 1979, when it was bought by a German marine biologist and converted to a live aboard sailing ketch in Denmark:

When this was completed he sailed it to the west coast of Mexico in 1996 and lived on board in Ensenada for 20 years, while working there.
The present French Owner bought her in 2015 and sailed her back to Europe.
Last winter was spent in Northern Norway, taking ski tourists from Tromsø into the fjords, which was also planned for this year. The Corona virus stopped that plan and they are now heading south, while learning more of the history of Lun II by visiting Tresfjord and inviting the family of the original owner on board here in Aalesund:

The plan is to leave her at the restoration yard in Hardanger while going home to France to await the lifting of Corona virus restrictions.


Odfjell’s Bow Orion made a call at a Norwegian port as the first of their ships to do so in 5 years. That is reason to celebrate:

Built in China in 2018 she is also the first of their Hudong series of 4 ships and among the largest Chemical Tankers in the world.

Bow Orion was Tanker Ship of the Year in 2019:

Longliner in storm, Barents Sea:

This near new, the LNG powered Netherland flagged Cement carrier Ireland passed by on the Borgundfjord on her way to discharge at Spjelkavik:
PS> I was too late to get my camera out, so this is a picture from Marine traffic:

She is presently in Norwegian coastal trade, but otherwise in European short sea trade.

From her launching in 2016:

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The world’s widest boat in terms of L/B-factor:

Compared to an ordinary Offshore Support Vessel:

Here is why:

The Captain is showing of his ship.

Vessel specs:

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When it comes to real progress, Sweden leaves Norway in its wake.

Nice pictures of Viking Grace, but are you sure this is in the right thread?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: Coming from you, that’s rich.

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We all have “Senior moments” at our age.

Who is we? Speak for yourself.

I am speaking for myself and able to admit that I’m getting old.
Not everybody are (admitting it) but it doesn’t stop the inevitable.

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Triple bow view:

At least you can get your daily exercise without leaving the bridge on the New Pioneer.

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Ramform Tethys has completed her East Shetland Basin survey
She is now heading for the Barents Sea:

Seen here with a full suite of gear out:

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