Peter Freuchen"s Book of the Seven Seas

Came across this book by happenstance. Here’s the cover:

Freuchen has a remarkable story.

In 1906, he went on his first expedition to Greenland as a member of the Denmark expedition. Between 1910 and 1924, he undertook several expeditions, often with the noted Polar explorer Knud Rasmussen. He worked with Rasmussen in crossing the Greenland ice sheet.

He was also employed by the film industry as a consultant and scriptwriter, specializing in Arctic-related scripts, most notably MGM’s Oscar-winning Eskimo/Mala The Magnificent starring Ray Mala, and featuring Freuchen as Ship Captain. In 1956, he won $64,000 on The $64,000 Question , an American TV quiz-show on the subject “The Seven Seas”.[3]

During World War II, Freuchen was actively involved with the Danish resistance movement against the occupation by Nazi Germany despite having lost a leg to frostbite in 1926.[17] He openly claimed to be Jewish whenever he witnessed anti-semitism.[18][19] Freuchen was imprisoned by the Germans, and was sentenced to death, but he managed to escape and flee to Sweden.


Freuchen with his third wife.
His coat is made from the fur of a polar bear that he killed himself.

From Chapter 19: “Steam”