Edison Chouest Offshore breaks Antarctic treaty

Edison Chouest Offshore has broken the Antarctic treaty this week as it implemented it’s new seal hunting program as a cost cutting measure. Plans are in place to build a state of the art seal meat and whale blubber processing facility in Punta Arenas Chile.
Spokesman Chuck Duboisschumck says that this does not violate the no fishing policy of the company and that the seal meat taste like a cross between catfish and calves liver. Makes a pretty good gumbo too!
Once the facility is up and running it will supply the entire fleet with a low to no cost alternative to ground beef and catfish.
The whale blubber will be used as fryer oil for fish Fridays in the GOM.
Right now both US Icebreakers are using the meat to feed the scientists aboard the LMG and the Palmer.
Go to the Edison Chouest website for delicious recipes!