Edison Chouest Offshore

I have decided to publish all the e-mails between me and the HR people at this company so the world can know how they really operate. Also, because gcaptain takes down my posts every time I write the truth about them.

Everything, pictures e-mails names etc will be at


Happy Labor Day!

Didn’t you have a serious issue over at Hornbeck also?

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I never worked there. If I still have to deal with the crap from eco all these years later when I did nothing wrong I am putting this stuff out there!!! I gave them three solid years where I did nothing but work and fix things that their guys couldn’t fix but that wasn’t good enough it seems!!!

Well that’ll teach them.

Or make you look like an ass.

One of those two things will happen.

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No it will expose the truth. I don’t care how I look because I know I am right.

Yeah what’d I say?

Who are you and then I can tell!!!

Where you the one that told me that I should just pick someone and hook up with them??? Or that I was not allowed to tell people that I didn’t want to be touched because it made them feel uncomfortable ??? Or that I am offshore more than I’m home so figure it out!!! Whoever said that to me I hope he goes to jail and than he can “figure it out”!!! Oh yea his name was Brian Guidry!!!

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Now here is a good one. The woman who is in charge of these things did nothing to help me. She will do anything for a black man however. Imagine that!

What are their responses to all of this? This is only your emails.

In person I was told that there was a female mate that also had problems but then she married one of their captains and they work on the same boat together and she has no longer has problems so I should pick someone and do the same.

Instead of fixing the problem or firing the whole boat like Dionne did when a black guy had a problem they tried to force me to do more than what I went out there to do. Fuck them!!! Maybe I didn’t plan on spending my life offshore!!! Maybe I didn’t want to marry someone that did that!!! Maybe I was ONLY there to get money to start my own business so I could get out of it completely!!! They don’t care! They treat women like they are only there for their guys!!! They should write that right on their hiring page so people can know ahead of time and not waste years of their fucking life!!!