10 Lessons Learned From Sea Shepherd

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gCaptain mariners have been critical of Captain Paul Watson and his crew of non-professional mariners, stars of the reality TV show [I]Whale Wars[/I]. Most of the comments posted to gCaptain’s forum have been sympathetic to Sea Shepherd’s mission, the rescue of whales being hunted in Antarctic waters, but critical of the lackadaisical attitude of the vessel’s crew to safety.

Regardless of your personal views, and I’ll keep mine silent, the fact remains that very few ships have taken similar risk and video taped the experience. This creates a unique opportunity for lessons learned. I have taken the liberty of writing 10:

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politics aside, both vessels are at fault. The International Rules of the Road (COLREGS) state that vessels should at all cost avoid a risk of collision and take action accordingly, even if it means departing from those same rules.