In October of 2011 i started going to school for my 100 ton master 200 ton mate license. on December 23 2011 i received my credentials in January went back got my FCC license and my radar to a couple of friends of mine who where captain with a couple big company’s out there about getting on with them each and every time came up same way cant help you they not hiring are something.well to make a long story short the only experience i have is running commercial fishing vessels no experience on any oil field boats and most company’s thank when the season comes you going to leave so they say sorry we don’t hire people like you.So last week i had enough i got in my car me and my 7 year old girl drove down to la 1 went knocking on every door we can find filling out application after application finally got down to ECO thought to my self it don’t pay these people dint hire people like me but what the hell I’m here its worth the try so me and my Lil girl walks in and fills everything out waits to talk to Nicky finally here he comes we go back to his office sit down start talking a Lil be4 long he was not worried about me he wanted to talk to my Lil girl i thought to my self man i should have left her home i just may have messed this all up then he copied all my stuff we shuck hand and then I’m on my way back to the house.Then today something told me to give him a call just to see what going on he answers the phone i tell him who i am he says the one with the beautiful Lil girl i remember yea i thank i got you a job I’m 90% sure but i will no something in the morning call me back.So with my toes crossed and my fingers to hopefully the Persistence payed off

Congrats but remember its not done till Duet says its done. Bring any medical information pertaining to ANY previous medical history.

Well let us know if you get the job 100%, Then we will know that persistence pays off…


Hope you get the job. Sometimes being a little different and standing out (Having your little Girl with you) makes the difference. Yes it could have worked against you but it sounds like it helped you stand out from all of the other people he say that day.

I got the job!!! I hire in Monday


Congrats!!! Give us a heads-up if they need anybody else!!!

Well now I can agree that persistence really pays off!..



Thankyou sir

Great job! Great attitude!

Congratulations on your job.
You made it happen.
Best wishes to you.
Claudette L. PItre

Congragulations. ECO is a family oriented organiztion and place alot of emphasis on “Family” and “Family Values”. I think you’ll be very happey there.

Thank You both very much. A lot of people say a lot of great things about ESO I thank I will be very happy there.

Hey ECG!

Can I borrow your daughter for my interview?

Congrats bro

If you thank it will help I’m sure she won’t mine.Thankyou sir