Pay raises

Hi all,
I love reading the info, opinions and wittycism of some of you guys. Thanks to Mr. Cavo for his great input.
Anyone else here in the GOM heard that Crosby is getting a raise at the end of the month? I have talked to a few people there and they all say they are getting one , but don’t know how much. Usualyy when one gives a raise everyone else follows suit.

Engineers and Captains got 50.00 a day effective Mon Oct 20. Don’t know about Mates and AB’s.

thanks cheng,
hopefully my boss will give us the good news soon too.

So whats the day rate now at Crosby now?
I hope we get a raise at our company to.

Day rates as follows:
Captains ??? to 600 plus, I have heard some get up to 700. Don’t know for sure
Engineers 500 to 620 depending on who you are. This I know for certain.
Mates 450 up to 550?
ABs around 355 for top dollar

Crews also get an additional 30.00 missing man, 30.00 overseas pay and 25.00 anchor pay to daily rate when applicable. Most boats run short handed 100% of the time for the missing man pay. This is paid even when sitting in Fourchon or elsewhere.