Pay for ABs and Cooks

Some general questions about prevailing pay rates:

  1. I was looking at another thread and I noticed A.B. pay being quoted as a daily rate plus a travel amount as well ( “$300/day plus $55/day travel”, for example). What is the travel amount for? Is that what you get paid for traveling from home to wherever you join the boat, or is it some sort of additional amount added to your pay for every day you are on contract?
  2. What seems to be the average pay for cooks working on GoM boats, or any other boats where the cook does not work on deck? (I’m making an assumption that most OSV cooks don’t work on deck).

Travel pay is a voluntary addition to your daily rate that some employers give you. At my company the $50/day is designated for any non reimbursable travel expenses and for your time before and or after crew change (you may travel home on your unpaid “off” day). This is given in addition to company paid travel if the company indeed offers paid travel.